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At First Avenue, summer workwear is one of our popular product ranges. For many years, we have been dedicated to supplying high-quality summer workwear to clients across various industries. We take pride in offering premium garments and accessories that meet the needs of all our clients.

Investing In Summer Workwear

There are many reasons you may want to invest in summer workwear. The most important reason is to protect your employees from the British summertime heat we have at this time of year. Providing matching clothing or uniforms can enhance team morale by increasing the sense of unity between teammates. Additionally, it serves as a great advertising tool, as your logo is prominently displayed on the apparel.

Many industries and jobs will invest in summer workwear as part of their company standards, these are usually industries where employees are outside a lot. However, this doesn’t mean that other sectors can’t invest in summer clothing for their employees; these industries could include offices where employees are required to move from building to building regularly, warehouses and stores, delivery drivers, etc.

In these industries, the type of summer workwear needed varies depending on the duration spent outdoors and the environmental conditions workers face. To discuss the options we offer, please contact us.

Types Of Summer Workwear From First Avenue 

At First Avenue, we supply a wide range of summer workwear. Each product category has a range of different options depending on what is required.

Here are some of the main elements in our summer workwear range.

Trousers and Shorts: Ranging from simple lightweight trousers and shorts to those with multiple pockets and ample storage, suitable for all types of industries.

Tops: With tops ranging from long sleeve to short, this range has everything and more, so you’re prepared for the British summertime weather. Why not add your logo for more brand visibility?

HI-VIS: For those industries where Hi-Vis clothing is essential, it’s important to make it suitable for the current weather. This range include t-shirts all the way to winter coats (you never know what you may need with British weather)!

Body Warmers: On those cooler days it’s important to make sure your worker have something they can throw on that will add a little warmth. Body warmers are a great option as they increase your bodies warmth whilst also allowing for flexibility and movement of the arms.

Jackets: Rain is inevitable during the British summer time, meaning light weight waterproof jackets are a must. We have a wide range of jackets suitable for all types of weather and industries. Add your brands logo for increase brand visibility!

Hats: Protect your eyes and head against the sun with a hat. Not only are hat practical for those hot days but they are also a great product to add your branding to. We offer a range of waterproof, and reflective hats.

If you’re in need of summer workwear and want to discover more about our offerings, please get in touch with us today. We’re here to guide you through our range and help you find the perfect products to meet your needs.

Safety shoes are worn in many different industrial job roles. The features of safety shoes ensure that they offer protection to the wearer’s feet, making them part of regularity and compliance for many workplaces.

At First Avenue, we specialise in providing workwear for all industries and job types, and one of the items we have in our portfolio is safety shoes. If you are looking for safety shoes for your employees, please contact us.

Safety shoes have changed over the years. These days, they are more stylish than ever, available in various colours and different styles for men and women.

Features of Safety Shoes 

Different safety shoes offer different features, so if you have a specific requirement, make sure you check the specifications or contact us to discuss your order. These are some of the key features of safety shoes, which are designed to provide protection and comfort in hazardous work environments.

Toe Protection: Safety shoes are sometimes referred to as “toe tectors” for this reason. Toe protection comes in the form of reinforced toe caps made of steel, aluminium, or composite materials. This protects the toes from impact injuries caused by falling objects or compression.

Puncture-Resistant Soles: Many safety shoes feature puncture-resistant soles to prevent sharp objects from penetrating the sole and injuring the wearer’s feet. These soles are often also slip-resistant, which can be a hazard in various environments.

Durable Materials: It is important that Safety Shoes are made from durable materials so that they can protect wearers from chemical splashes if necessary. There are also safety shoes that may offer more protection in fire or keep the wearer’s feet dry in wet conditions.

Support and Comfort: Certain safety shoe styles offer additional ankle support through padded collars or higher-cut designs, which help stabilise the ankle and reduce the risk of sprains or twists.

Comfort Features: People whose jobs require them to wear safety shoes often spend the majority of the day on their feet. To enhance comfort during long hours of wear, safety shoes include features such as cushioned insoles, shock-absorbing midsoles, breathable linings, and ergonomic designs that reduce fatigue and improve overall comfort.

Safety Shoes from First Avenue 

At First Avenue Supplies, we have a wide range of safety shoes for all industries and job roles.

Our shoes have the above features to help keep our wearers safe and comfortable in the workplace. Contact us for more information or to discuss your order.

Tee Jays luxury workwear clothing is perfect for your organisation – especially if you are looking for branded workwear to portray a high corporate image for your brand. 

Tee Jays is one of our top-selling luxury clothing for embroidered logos. They are based in Denmark and have been in operation since 1976. 

We were the first to offer the Tee Jays range of luxury workwear in the UK seven years ago, and it has since become popular up and down the country. Our success with this range has been noted with Tee Jays in Denmark; we were awarded ‘VIP Distributor’ three years ago, meaning we now get priority sampling of all new products, free brochures, samples and merchandising equipment. 

Why Choose Tee Jays?

Tee Jays focuses on blends of modern and luxury materials, all very soft and stretchy. 

They are extremely high-quality items, meaning they wash and wear fantastically well. As a modern focus shifts onto the corporate image, we’ve noticed that Tee Jay’s clothing has become massively popular with our customers. 

Because they use luxury materials, Tee Jay’s clothing is great for embroidery. This is our preferred way of adding your branding to these clothing items. If you’re looking for luxury workwear, then contact our team today. 

Tee Jays Luxury Workwear 

Some of the items available from Tee Jays are;

  • T-shirts – high-quality T-shirts in various colours with separate fits for men and women. The soft corporate colours are perfect for creating that professional image you’re striving towards. 
  • Polo shirts – Brands often lean towards polo shirts as they are more hard-wearing and look smarter with the collar. These are great items for logo embroidery for your brand. 
  • Sweatshirts – You can’t go wrong with a sweatshirt to keep your employees warm in winter. 
  • Hoodies – hoodies are great for keeping your employees warm whilst also keeping them comfortable and casual.  
  • Joggers – if your employees need a good range of motion in their legs (construction workers or warehouse workers), then joggers can be a great investment. They are more flexible and lower cost than jeans and are easy for us to add your brand. 
  • Shirts and Blouses – for a smarter look, you may have considered shirts and blouses. Again, we can embroider your logo onto these items so they fit with your brand. 
  • Fleeces and Jackets – another alternative for the winter months, fleeces are perfect for logo embroidery also. 
  • Body Warmers – the perfect item for spring or autumn, when it’s too cold to work without a jacket but too warm for a full coat. Bodywarmers also give the wearer a better range of motion than a coat. 

Tee Jays from First Avenue

If you want to know more about what Tee Jay’s clothing we can offer, then contact our team today. You can also see all our available products on the Tee Jays section of your website. 

Hi-Vis clothing is used in a variety of industries and is of very high importance.

High-visibility (hi-vis) clothing is important in the workplace, particularly in environments where visibility is crucial for safety.

At First Avenue, we can add logos to your hi-vis clothing to make your brand stand out. This not only makes your employees feel part of a team but also acts as a walking advert for your company.

The Importance of Hi-Vis Clothing

Here are several reasons highlighting the importance of hi-vis clothing at work:

Increase Visibility – The primary purpose of hi-vis garments, and its namesake, is to make individuals more visible.

The fluorescent colours and reflective materials used in hi-vis clothing and accessories help workers stand out. This reduces the risk of accidents, especially in low-light or poor visibility conditions, which are common in the industries where hi-vis is generally used.

Increased Safety – In workplaces where heavy machinery, vehicles, or equipment are in use, hi-vis clothing ensures that workers are easily seen by operators and other colleagues. This increases the safety of the working environment as it can help prevent collisions or accidents.

Regulations Compliance – There are precise safety regulations and standards that require the use of hi-vis clothing in specific work environments. It is, therefore, a legal requirement in some areas that hi-vis is provided for all personnel and worn whilst working.

Emergency Situations – In the event of an emergency or evacuation, hi-vis clothing can assist emergency responders in quickly identifying and locating individuals, improving the efficiency of rescue operations.

Increased Protection – Many of our hi-vis clothing items have additional safety features, such as reflective strips or built-in protective elements. This added protection can further reduce the risk of injuries by making workers more conspicuous.

Where is Hi-Vis Clothing used? 

Hi-Vis clothing is typically required in various work settings and environments where there is a need to enhance the visibility of individuals for safety purposes. Some of the industries which often approach us for hi-vis clothing are:

  • Construction Sites
  • Road Construction and Maintenance
  • Traffic Control and Law Enforcement
  • Airport Ground Operations
  • Railway Operations
  • Emergency Services
  • Warehouse and Logistics
  • Mining and Quarrying
  • Maritime and Dockyard Operations
  • Utilities and Energy Sector

Hi-Vis Clothing and Regulations 

It’s important to note there may be specific regulations and requirements for hi-vis clothing depending on your region or industry. It’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure compliance and safety regulations are met.

Types of Hi-Vis Clothing 

Because Hi-Vis clothing is used in many different industries, we offer a vast range of garments; some of our most popular types of hi-vis clothing are:

  • Hi-Vis Vests: Sleeveless garments designed to be worn over regular clothing purely for visibility. They’re usually yellow or orange in colour and also typically feature reflective strips around the torso and over the shoulders.
  • Hi-Vis Jackets: These provide further coverage compared to vests, so, as well as offering visibility, they also protect against cold or adverse weather conditions.
  • Hi-Vis T-Shirts and Polo Shirts: Perfect for warmer weather – these are short-sleeved garments made of hi-vis materials, often with reflective stripes.
  • Hi-Vis Hoodies: These are commonly used in cooler weather conditions as they provide extra warmth as well as visibility features.
  • Hi-Vis Coveralls: Coveralls provide full-body coverage against cold or wet weather and are designed for industries where workers need protection from hazards or contaminants in addition to increased visibility.
  • Hi-Vis Trousers: Hi-vis trousers can be paired with hi-vis jackets or shirts for full visibility.
  • Hi-Vis Hats and Caps: Hats or caps with hi-vis features can help ensure visibility when helmets are not required.
  • Hi-Vis Accessories: In addition to clothing, there are hi-vis accessories like gloves, arm bands, and leg bands that can be added to regular workwear to enhance visibility in specific areas.

Hi-Vis from First Avenue Supplies 

When selecting hi-vis clothing, it’s important to consider the specific requirements of the job, the environmental conditions, and any industry regulations or standards that apply.

When you work with First Avenue Supplies, we can help you select your garments and add your company logo for brand exposure. Contact us today to discuss your enquiry.

Body warmers for work are becoming an increasingly popular choice. They suit a range of different industries and job types. Body warmers, also known as thermal vests or insulated vests, can offer several benefits when incorporated into work uniform.

About Body Warmers

Body warmers are insulated jackets without sleeves. They are a great way to keep workers warm while still giving them full range of motion in their arms.

We have a huge range on our website which are suitable based on the weather conditions you may expect for your workers.

Why Choose Body Warmers for Workwear?

Why are body warmers becoming so popular? Here are our top 5 reasons that we believe more and more companies are choosing to use them as part of their work uniforms:

  1. Temperature Regulation: Body warmers provide an extra layer of insulation to keep the body warm in colder environments. This is especially useful for individuals working outdoors in cold weather or industries where temperature control is challenging. We even have body warmers which are heated to provide extra warmth. Also, body warmers can be easily layered over other clothing items, providing flexibility in changing weather conditions. Workers can add or remove layers based on their comfort.
  2. Customisation and Branding – Employers can customise body warmers with company logos, names, or other identifiers. This reinforces a sense of team identity and allows for easy identification of employees. At First Avenue, we can offer printed or embroidery options for branding on all our garments.
  3. Flexibility and Range of Motion: Body warmers are sleeveless, allowing greater freedom of movement in the arms. This is important in jobs that require a wide range of motion, such as construction or warehouse work.
  4. Comfort: Body warmers can be lightweight, ensuring workers stay warm without feeling weighed down by heavy clothing. This is especially important for jobs that involve physical activity. There are also harder-wearing options for harsher working environments.
  5. Durable: Workwear, including body warmers, is often designed to be durable and resistant to wear and tear. This ensures a longer lifespan, even in demanding work environments where body warmers are usually worn.

Body Warmer from First Avenue Supplies

When selecting body warmers for work, it’s important to consider the specific needs of the job, the working environment, and any safety regulations that may apply.

If you’re looking for a body warmer for work but aren’t sure what you require, contact us; we can talk you through our options and find the best solution.

We also have a blog describing our top body warmers in more detail – this may help you consider what you require.

Winter workwear is one of the product ranges we offer at First Avenue. We have been suppliers of winter workwear for many years to a whole host of clients. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality garments and accessories for all our clients in many industries.

Investing in Winter Workwear

You may choose to invest in winter workwear for many reasons. The most obvious and important is to protect your employees from the harsher weather we come into contact with at this time of year. It may also be a way to give a sense of team morale as everyone is offered/wearing the same clothing or uniform. It could also be for advertising purposes, as your logo is viewable on the clothing.

Some industries and jobs will invest in winter workwear as standard, including areas where employees are outside a lot: builders, construction industry, parking attendants, bricklayers, road construction, agricultural workers and the like. However, other sectors may still want to invest in winter clothing for their employees; this could be offices where employees are required to move from building to building regularly, warehouses and stores, delivery drivers, etc.

In all these industries, different types of winter workwear will be required based on the amount of time spent outside and the elements the workers will be exposed to. If you want to talk through any of the options we have available, please get in touch with us.

Types of Winter Workwear from First Avenue 

At First Avenue, we supply a wide range of winter workwear. Each product category has a range of different options depending on what is required.

Here are some of the main elements in our winter workwear range.

Coats and Jackets: Anything from lightweight waterproof jackets to thermal jackets and everything in between. We also offer different fits for males/females so everyone is catered for and feels comfortable.

Fleece: Adding an extra fleece layer under a coat or jacket may be required for outside workers at very cold times of the year. We have a range of colours and styles available to suit your brand, and we can add logos to these in-house.

Body Warmers: These are perfect for keeping your core warm whilst allowing for flexibility and movement of the arms. They are a popular choice amongst many industries. Please take a look at our top Body Warmers in our previous blog post  

Gloves: We have a wide range of different work gloves. Some are suitable for harsh working activities, and others for weather protection outdoors. Depending on where your employees are working and what they are doing will determine the best gloves for you to invest in.

HI-VIS: Of course, through the winter, with the darker nights, you need to ensure your employees working outside are going to be easily seen. HI-VIS is perfect for this. We offer a range for all weathers – find out more in our HI-VIS clothing blog post

Hats: Hats are another garment which is often required for winter. They provide warmth for any outdoor workers and are also a great product to apply additional branding to. We offer a range of waterproof, fleece-lined, thermal and reflective hats, covering all areas.

If you are looking for winter workwear and want more information on what we have available, then contact us today. We would be happy to talk you through our range and find a selection of products to suit your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

At First Avenue Supplies, we specialise in adding customisations, such as logos, to various clothing items. This is perfect for work uniforms in many different sectors.

Our vast product range includes everything from PPE to polo shirts, to Hi-Vis items and everything in between. When it comes to adding the company logos, what is better? Printed vs embroidery?

Printed vs Embroidery 

There are pros and cons to both printed and embroidered logos. It depends on the materials, size and colours required.

Printed Logos

Here are some of the pros and cons of printed logos on clothing.

Pros of Printed Logos on Clothing 

Cost-Effective: Printing logos is more cost-effective than embroidery, especially for bulk orders. This is because the process of printing is less labour-intensive.

Detail and Colour Reproduction: Printing allows for intricate details and various colours. It’s especially good for designs with gradients or photographs, as this is very difficult to achieve with embroidered logos.

Fast: Printing is quicker than embroidery, which involves stitching each thread individually. This can be crucial for tight deadlines.

Suitable for Lightweight Fabrics: Printing works well on lightweight and delicate fabrics that may not hold up well under the weight of embroidery.

Cons of Printed Logos on Clothing

Not as Durable: Printed logos may not be as durable as embroidered ones, particularly if they undergo frequent washing or abrasion.

More Likely to Crack and Fade: Over time, printed logos can crack or fade, especially if not cared for properly or exposed to harsh conditions.

Not Ideal for Thick Fabrics: Printing may not work well on thick or textured fabrics, as the ink might not adhere properly.

Embroidered Logos 

Here are some of the pros and cons of embroidered logos on clothing.

Pros of Embroidered Logos

Durability: Embroidery is highly durable – far more durable than print. It can withstand repeated washings and harsh conditions, making it ideal for workwear and uniforms.

Premium Appearance: Embroidery often gives a premium, high-quality look that can convey a sense of professionalism and attention to detail.

Texture and Dimension: Embroidery adds a raised, textured element to the garment, which can make the logo stand out.

Long-lasting: Unlike prints, embroidered logos are less likely to fade, crack, or peel over time.

Cons of Printed Logos

Cost and Time: Embroidery is generally more expensive due to the intricate process and time it takes. It’s also slower, making it less suitable for rush orders.

Limited Detail: While embroidery can include a fair amount of detail, it may not reproduce very fine details or a wide range of colours as well as printing can.

Not Suitable for Delicate Fabrics: Embroidery may not work well on all fabrics – particularly very delicate fabrics or materials as the stitching process can damage them.

Not Ideal for Large Designs: Very large or complex designs might translate poorly to embroidery.

Printed vs Embroidery 

When it comes to printed vs embroidery on your garments, several aspects should be taken into consideration;

  • The delicacy of the fabric
  • The durability required
  • The size of the logo
  • The colours required

If you are looking for company workwear with a logo and are unsure whether to choose printed or embroidery for your garments, then contact the team at First Avenue Supplies today – we can advise on the best option for you.

At First Avenue, we specialise in all types of workwear. One of our categories is Outdoor Workwear. Outdoor workwear encompasses a wide range of clothing and gear designed to protect workers who perform tasks in various outdoor environments.

There are various types of outdoor workwear. The requirement for each class depends on factors such as weather conditions and potential hazards.

Types of Outdoor Workwear 

We have a selection of outdoor workwear for all areas. Here are some of our common types:

High-Visibility Clothing

High-visibility outdoor clothing is designed for workers in environments where they need to be easily seen, such as construction sites, roadwork, and warehouses.

Features of high-visibility clothing

  • Bright colours (usually neon yellow, orange, or green) combined with reflective materials for visibility during low-light conditions.
  • Logo additions available
  • Highly durable

Protective Footwear

Our protective footwear forms part of our outdoor clothing selection but is also frequently worn indoors in factory and warehouse environments. Protective footwear shields the worker’s feet from hazards like falling objects, sharp objects, chemicals, or extreme weather.

Features of protective footwear:

  • Steel toe caps
  • Slip-resistant soles
  • Puncture-resistant materials
  • Waterproofing for specific conditions.

Work Gloves

Our work gloves offer hand protection against cuts, abrasions, chemicals, and other hazards. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use for protection against the elements.

Features of our work gloves:

  • Various material options are based on the specific job (e.g., leather, rubber, or synthetic materials).
  • Designed for specific tasks, including welding, landscaping, or chemical handling.
  • Logo additions available.

Head Protection

Head protection is another element of our outdoor workwear. Our hard hats guard against falling objects, electrical hazards, and other impacts. These are also used indoors in warehouse environments.

Features of our protective headwear:

  • Various classifications based on the level of protection needed (e.g., Type I or Type II).
  • Built-in visors on some types.
  • Bright colours to help with visibility.
  • Logo additions available.

Safety Eyewear

When it comes to outdoor workwear, people often forget that safety eyewear is as important as everything else. Safety goggles and glasses shield eyes from dust, debris, chemicals, and other potential eye hazards.

Features of our safety eyewear:

  • Impact-resistant lenses
  • Anti-fog coatings
  • UV protection.

Respiratory Protection

Respiratory protection is essential for dusty and dirty areas as it filters out harmful particles, gases, or vapours in the air. If you’re working in a hazardous environment, indoors or outside, you should check the requirements for respiratory protection.

Features of our respiratory protection:

  • Different types of masks and respirators based on the level of protection needed (e.g., N95 respirators for particulate matter, full-face respirators for chemical protection).
  • Options for branding and logo additions

Weatherproof Clothing

Our weatherproof clothing protects against the elements you would be exposed to outdoors. We have a wide range, each suited to different types of weather. Waterproof outer garments for rainy and wet conditions, insulated clothing and body warmers for the cold months and sunglasses, caps and visors for protection from the sun.

We often find that outdoor labourers require a selection of all types of outdoor clothing to ensure they are correctly protected in each season.

Features of our weatherproof clothing:

  • Waterproof
  • Water-resistant
  • Sealed seams to keep moisture out
  • Layered construction for insulation
  • Wind resistant fabrics
  • UV protection
  • Logo options available on request.

Outdoor Workwear from First Avenue

When selecting outdoor workwear, it’s crucial to consider the specific hazards associated with the job and choose workwear that meets the necessary safety standards and regulations.

If you have a requirement for outdoor workwear or any type of branded workwear, contact our team today or pop into our store. We look forward to hearing from you.

Hi-vis long-sleeved polo shirts are a type of clothing designed to enhance the visibility of the wearer in environments where low light conditions or poor visibility could be a safety concern.

This type of garment is commonly worn by workers in industries such as construction, road work, security, and other outdoor occupations where the risk of accidents due to low visibility is high.

Key Features of Hi-Vis Long-Sleeved Polo Shirts

High-Visibility Colours – long sleeved polo shirts typically come in bright fluorescent colours. Our range includes either yellow or orange. Bright colours are easily noticeable even in dim light and adverse weather conditions, making them safer for industrial workers.

Customisation Options – At First Avenue, we can add your logo to your hi-vis items. This promotes brand recognition and helps distinguish employees on job sites. It can also help with team morale and bring the workforce together.

Reflective Material – Besides the bright colours, our hi-vis polo shirts often feature reflective stripes or patches, adding extra visibility at night.

Comfortable Design– this garment combines the casual and comfortable design of a traditional polo shirt with the safety features of high visibility, making them comfy and functional.

Materials – Our long-sleeved hi-vis polo shorts are made from lightweight and breathable fabrics, allowing for comfort when wearing for long periods of time and in all weather.

Usage – Hi-vis long-sleeved polo shirts are suitable for various outdoor environments where visibility is essential. They are often worn by construction workers, utility workers, road maintenance crews, airport personnel, law enforcement officers, and more.

It’s important to note that while hi-vis clothing significantly enhances visibility, it doesn’t make the wearer entirely immune to accidents. Proper workplace safety protocols, awareness, and precautions are still crucial to ensuring the well-being of workers in hazardous environments.

Hi-Vis, long Sleeved Polo Shirts from First Avenue

At First Avenue, we supply many different types of PPE and hi-vis clothing for many businesses.

For more information or to make an enquiry, contact us today.

At First Avenue Supplies, we offer personalised workwear, including PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) with company logos. We can provide printed or embroidered logos depending on the items and garments selected.

Types of PPE with Company Logo

Our range of PPE workwear with company logo options is vast. We have various types of gear available to safeguard different body parts. Here’s a glimpse of what we provide:

HI-VIS Gear: Visibility is crucial, regardless of the weather. Our extensive HI-VIS collection includes vests, jackets, trousers, and t-shirts. We can provide an embroidered or printed logo for HI-VIS clothing depending on the garment selected and your logo requirements.

The materials used in our HI-VIS clothing are lightweight, comfortable, and flexible to ensure maximum visibility and ease of movement.

Hats and Helmets: Hard hats and helmets are essential in various manual labour careers. We can print your company logo directly onto the hard hat. Our up-to-date, lightweight, and comfortable range of headgear includes accessories like chin straps, sweatbands, and visor holders.

Ear Defenders and Ear Plugs: Safeguard your ears with our earplugs and defenders, available with your company logo.

Knee Pads: We prioritise user comfort when it comes to knee protection. These are another item which is suitable for the addition of your company logo. Our options are designed to keep your knees safe, regardless of the hazard you face.

Gloves: We have a wide range of different gloves available depending on the industry and application they are required for. Depending on the type of glove you need, we have options for adding logos and various colours available.

Other PPE We Offer

Some PPE items we offer may not be suitable for adding company logos, but they remain part of our portfolio. These are;

  • Face Masks
  • Face shields and visors
  • Safety goggles
  • Disposable gloves
  • Safety shoes

Why Invest in PPE with Company Logo 

There are many reasons businesses choose to add company logos to their PPE. Some of the main reasons we come across are;

Branding and recognition – PPE with a company logo helps promote brand visibility and recognition. When employees wear PPE featuring the company logo, it constantly reminds them of the organisation’s presence and reinforces its brand identity. It can also contribute to the employees’ unity and belonging.

Professional image – Personal protective equipment with a company logo enhances the professional appearance of the organisation. It shows that the company takes safety seriously and is committed to providing a safe working environment for its employees. This can inspire confidence in customers, clients, and stakeholders who visit the workplace.

Employee morale – PPE with a company logo can foster a sense of pride and belonging among employees. By incorporating the logo, the company shows appreciation for its workforce and emphasises their importance in representing the organisation.

Exposure and marketing – Customised PPE sets your company apart from others, especially in industries where safety gear is commonly used. It allows your business to stand out by creating a unique visual identity. This is particularly beneficial when employees work in public or customer-facing roles, as it provides an opportunity for brand exposure and marketing.

Compliance and accountability – Incorporating a company logo on the workwear in industries where PPE is required can assist with compliance and accountability. It helps identify whether employees are using the provided PPE and can aid in monitoring and enforcing safety protocols. It also allows for easier identification of employees during safety inspections or audits.

PPE with Company Logo from First Avenue Supplies 

We have been providing PPE with company logos for various businesses for many years. We work closely with our clients to ensure we can provide high-quality products for your organisation.

For all your workwear requirements, contact First Avenue Supplies – or visit our Bletchley Milton Keynes store.

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