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Best Work Body Warmers

March 17, 2023

At first avenue, we specialise in work wear of all kinds. One of our popular product lines – specifically at this time of year – is our body warmers.

Body warmers, also known as Gillets, are extremely popular and becoming more and more used in the work place in various industries.

Body warmers are jackets without the arms. They are great for allowing the wearer to have full use and mobility in their arms whilst also keeping them warm and protected from the elements.

We stock a variety of types here at First Avenue Supplies which are available to view and try on in our shop.

Best Work Body Warmers

Here is a run-down of our best work body warmers and their different features.

Regatta Soft Shell Body Warmer

The Regatta soft shell body warmer is a lightweight option. Softshell jackets have been popular since 2007 and the soft shell body warmers and gillets are also very popular.

In general soft shells body warmers wear very well. They’re not necessarily the most warming option because they are relatively thin, however they are a durable, light weight layer for your workforce.  

The most popular one we sell is made by Regatta. It is available in various colours, the most popular being navy, black and the dark grey.

Tee Jays Crossover Body Warmer

The Tee Jays Crossover, body warmer is another extremely popular product. This is a lightweight body warmer with some padding. It has soft shell panels at the side which give a bit more flexibility.

This is more of an executive smart looking body warmer. It pairs very nicely with

Tee Jays long sleeve polo shirts. Tee Jays crossover body warmer is only available in the colour black.

Tee Jays Zeppelin Body Warmer

Tee Jays Zeppelin body warmer is more of a premium product with a premium price tag. This is a luxury body warmer, with soft shall panelling down the side. This is available in navy as well as black.

This is one of our favourite body warmers for this year, they were extremely popular last year and can look really smart with an embroidered logo.  

Result Ice Bird Body Warmer

The Result Ice Bird body warmer is on the lower end price wise making it very good value for money. It is mid-weight with a bit of padding for warmth.

This body warmer is available in various colours – one of them being dark grey which is the main reason we offer this product. So, for the customers that were asking for dark grey, this was the main reason we bought this in.

Other available colours include royal blue, navy and black.

Result R88 Body Warmer

If ultimate warmth is the top of your priority for your body warmer then the Result R88 is the one for you. This is the body warmer which we have had in our range for the longest.

Unlike the other options we have discussed, the Result R88 is brushed and not shiny. It is very soft, but very thick and padded with a fleece lining.

The Result R88 is so thick and cosy it is the limit of thickness that we can embroider. We do embroider a lot of these through the depths of the winter. Available colours are red, black and navy.

Result Compass Body Warmer

Another of our best sellers is the Result Compass which is a very reasonably priced body warmer. It’s a mid weight body warmer with the softshell panels down the side.

These are only available in black in the body, but the contrasting zips are available in other colours. This is a great alternative way to add you brand colour into your workwear. The zips are available in; red, black, green, orange, yellow, blue and grey.

Portwest Heated Body Warmer

Th Portwest Heated body warmer uses tunnel heating technology to provide heat for the wearer.  The batteries can last 8 to 10 hours depending on the heat setting being used. There are three different heat settings which can be used as required.

These can be embroidered with your company logo in certain areas.

The only downside to this body warmer is the fact that it cannot be washed too regularly. If the wearer is going to be working in an area where they are getting dirty regularly this may not be the product for you. Each heated body warmer can last roughly 15-20 washes in it’s lifetime.

Best Work Body Warmers from First Avenue Supplies.

All of the above body warmers are available in our shop in Milton Keynes. We’re open Monday to Friday, so pop down and you’re welcome to try these on.

They are all available with your company logos printed or embroidered depending on your preference.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements or for more information on work body warmers or any of our products.