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Tee Jays Luxury Workwear from First Avenue Supplies 

February 22, 2024

Tee Jays luxury workwear clothing is perfect for your organisation – especially if you are looking for branded workwear to portray a high corporate image for your brand. 

Tee Jays is one of our top-selling luxury clothing for embroidered logos. They are based in Denmark and have been in operation since 1976. 

We were the first to offer the Tee Jays range of luxury workwear in the UK seven years ago, and it has since become popular up and down the country. Our success with this range has been noted with Tee Jays in Denmark; we were awarded ‘VIP Distributor’ three years ago, meaning we now get priority sampling of all new products, free brochures, samples and merchandising equipment. 

Why Choose Tee Jays?

Tee Jays focuses on blends of modern and luxury materials, all very soft and stretchy. 

They are extremely high-quality items, meaning they wash and wear fantastically well. As a modern focus shifts onto the corporate image, we’ve noticed that Tee Jay’s clothing has become massively popular with our customers. 

Because they use luxury materials, Tee Jay’s clothing is great for embroidery. This is our preferred way of adding your branding to these clothing items. If you’re looking for luxury workwear, then contact our team today. 

Tee Jays Luxury Workwear 

Some of the items available from Tee Jays are;

  • T-shirts – high-quality T-shirts in various colours with separate fits for men and women. The soft corporate colours are perfect for creating that professional image you’re striving towards. 
  • Polo shirts – Brands often lean towards polo shirts as they are more hard-wearing and look smarter with the collar. These are great items for logo embroidery for your brand. 
  • Sweatshirts – You can’t go wrong with a sweatshirt to keep your employees warm in winter. 
  • Hoodies – hoodies are great for keeping your employees warm whilst also keeping them comfortable and casual.  
  • Joggers – if your employees need a good range of motion in their legs (construction workers or warehouse workers), then joggers can be a great investment. They are more flexible and lower cost than jeans and are easy for us to add your brand. 
  • Shirts and Blouses – for a smarter look, you may have considered shirts and blouses. Again, we can embroider your logo onto these items so they fit with your brand. 
  • Fleeces and Jackets – another alternative for the winter months, fleeces are perfect for logo embroidery also. 
  • Body Warmers – the perfect item for spring or autumn, when it’s too cold to work without a jacket but too warm for a full coat. Bodywarmers also give the wearer a better range of motion than a coat. 

Tee Jays from First Avenue

If you want to know more about what Tee Jay’s clothing we can offer, then contact our team today. You can also see all our available products on the Tee Jays section of your website.