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Terms and Conditions

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Manufacturer’s warranties

We honour all manufacturers’ warranties provided that defects are notified by calling the number provided within the customer enquiries section on this website and the customer accepts the responsibility for the return of goods.

There are five types of warranty and our account team will advise you of that which applies to any product.

Should a return be necessary, the type of warranty will be confirmed when the authorised return number is issued.

Customers are advised to consider the terms of the product warranties and their implications before placing an order and it is their responsibility to be aware of them.

If no fault is found

Products found to have no fault will be returned and a charge of £10 (exc. VAT), plus carriage costs will be made to cover technical inspection costs.

Manufacturers’ repair charges for no fault found items are far greater and these will also be passed on.

Most manufacturers will also have a Product Helpline in the User Guide.

Goods ordered in error

Provided you notify us within three working days of receipt, we may accept the return of goods ordered in error.

When this is agreed, all items must be returned as new complete with all packaging and instructions.

If they can be exchanged for the correct products there will be no charge. If they cannot, a handling charge of £25 ex VAT or 10% of order value ex VAT, whichever is the greater, will be made.

Should returns not be ‘as new’ , with complete packaging and instructions, they will be sent back to the customer and a handling charge may be applied.

Goods supplied in error

If a product is supplied in error, arrangements will be made for the collection of the goods. We will accept no liability for products supplied against verbal orders. Hard copy confirmation is, therefore, essential.

Sale or Return

We do not supply goods on Sale or Return under any circumstance.


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