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Types of Safety Gloves

February 13, 2023

At First Avenue Supplies, one of our most popular products within our PPE section is safety gloves. There are many different types of safety gloves – it can be difficult to know which ones to choose for your industry.

We have provided a brief overview of some of the types of safety gloves we have instore. If you would like more information please contact us or pop in to our Milton Keynes store today.

What are Safety Gloves?

Safety gloves are worn in hundreds of work places. They offer different levels of protection depending on the requirements of the user.

In industries where safety gloves are worn there is often a legal requirement on the protection required but this varies in different industries and environments.  

Safety gloves protect hands, fingers and wrists from hazards including; chemicals, hazards, harsh weather, and other external elements.

Safety Glove Features

Whilst protecting the users, it is also important that wearing safety gloves does not hinder the user in completing their job. For this reason, safety gloves must have different features to ensure they are not compromising the wearer.

  1. Protection – this is the most important feature. Safety gloves are made from different materials for different hazardous industries. If you require advice on which glove you require for the best level of protection in your workplace please contact us.
  2. Grip – correct grip is essential, this is what enables the wearer to continue to work to a high standard. Again, different materials are used for different environments to provide grip and not compromise form. Another way to ensure good grip is to wear the correct sized gloves.
  3. Comfort – gloves must provide a level of comfort to the wearer. Softer, non-abrasive materials next to the skin help with comfort. This encourages the user to wear them.
  4. Breathability – for workplaces which require gloves to be worn for extensive periods of time, breathability is important for the skin. This can be achieved with different materials.

Types of Safety Gloves

Work gloves, are something we sell a lot of here at First Avenue Supplies in our PPE section.

Most gloves start off life very similar as a polyester glove. They are then changed as different coating are applied.

Nitrile Safety Gloves – Nitrile is very shiny and is a very good barrier for liquid. If the worker deals with liquids including, petrol, diesel, etc then Nitrile coated safety gloves are a great solution. Nitrile safety gloves also retain an element of grip when wet enhancing the safety and not losing the all-important grip.

Latex Safety Gloves – Latex safety gloves are recognised as common builders gloves. They’re very grippy, although can be a little bit too thick in some cases for dexterity

PU Safety Gloves – these generally have more of a matte finish. PU safety gloves are good for dexterity, but not quite so good with liquids, although they are very lightweight.

Other dipping material for safety gloves which we can provide include;

  • Neoprene
  • PVC
  • TPR
  • TPV
  • TPE
  • Nitrile Sandy
  • Nitrile micro foam
  • Nitrile Foam

More information on these dipping materials can be found on page 668 of our brochure.

Cut Resistant Gloves – Nowadays, cut resistance is very important. If you have a risk of any cut in your workplace, you need to be risk assessing the gloves used by your workers. Cut resistant gloves will often use steel fibres to provide in cut resistance.

Waterproof Safety Gloves – waterproofing is relatively new in safety gloves. Waterproof safety gloves are fully dipped on the back as well as the palm and fingers to offer full resistance to liquid. The downside of this is that the glove is less breathable which will cause moisture on the inside.

For more information on our safety gloves and to view our full range take a look at our First Avenue Supplies brochure. the glove section explains hazards and risks and you can also find more information on each material option of the glove liner, dipping materials and cuff types.

Safety Gloves from First Avenue Supplies

Our safety gloves can be ordered via email or phone call or in store. We also have a stock range in store so you can visit us today and buy off the shelf.

Our brochure contains all the information you need to know about our safety gloves before ordering, or you can call us to discuss different options and we would be happy to offer our recommendations for your industry.

We also have a video from Scott below which gives more information on different types of safety gloves.

For more information please contact us.